Message from a stranger: God’s grace keeps us

God will keep us

I find myself in a collision of life change. As a result, I find myself living out of a suitcase, nursing anxiety acne, and feeling paralyzed when it comes to taking up my pen. Things like "Marriage Monday" and "Feed Me Friday" just seem like doing crunches right now (At least … [Read more...]

My heavenly body awaits!

Heavenly body

Last night I had an overdue appointment with a box of Dark Brown #31.  Ironically, I used to tease (criticize?) my mom about trying to cover up her "crown of wisdom." I might need to include an apology in her Mother's Day card.  Now that I'm going a tad (okay, more than a tad … [Read more...]

Crockpot Brown Sugar French Toast

Crockpot French toast

If you have lots of time to dip and fry individual pieces of french toast, or if you don't like a sweet, holiday-ish french toast, this isn't the recipe for you. BUT ... if you could use a quick breakfast prep that feels like you're serving up spoonfuls of the most wonderful time … [Read more...]