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Why I’m choosing stillness in a noisy world

I know your world has a lot of “noise” in it. Mine does too. Some noise is generated by good things and people we love, tasks we’re passionate about and dreams we nurture. Even good things we love take up space and air time in our lives. If we wait for everything to get still on its own, it won’t happen. Ever. Stillness is a necessary pace for experiencing God.


Jeff and I knew February would come. We knew it would be pivotal in our transition for several reasons, but we didn’t know what it would look like. In this shortest month of the year, our family keeps looking to God for direction. We wait. Sometimes when God seems silent, we’re tempted to conclude He isn’t speaking or moving. Maybe, we need to be still and silent enough to hear Him.

This faithful God-Provider often leads His loved ones to quiet places so they can hear Him and know Him: Moses, David, John, Ruth, Mary, Paul.  To strain to hear Him in loud silence or to look for His movement in empty shadows is to be in good company. God waits in still spaces to unfold His plans for our future, yet we push back against going into those still, soundless destinations.

You won’t hear much from me in February. I know it goes against all “good sense” in the blogging world. Some would say I’m crazy, warn me about losing “followers,” and raise their eyebrows at my lack of endurance. But this choice to be still is a choice to endure in what matters most of all. And that sometimes means doing what the crowd says is crazy and going against the flow. With one or two exceptions to fulfill past obligations, I am choosing to allow for more space and quiet in this pivotal month of seeking God. I don’t want to miss hearing Him because of noise, even good noise. I want to be available to listen alongside Jeff. I want to be more available to notice and absorb what God wants to teach me and show me on our journey. To do that, I need some more quiet.

I will still be sharing on the Come Have a Peace Facebook page. I will still be writing … but in my prayer journal and hidden places. I’m expectant that God will speak and move as I choose stillness. If you would offer a prayer for us in our days of seeking, I would be so grateful. I will “be back” in March, and I hope you’ll be here with me as we chase after God’s peace.


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