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3 words make your marriage merry this Christmas

I arrived home from Ohio after speaking for a women’s holiday brunch and sharing 21 Ways to Fill Your Plate: a Woman’s Secret to a Full Life. My days away had been a sweet time of serving. The decorations were delightful and the fellowship festive. It was peace on earth, and my heart was full, but I returned to my own home still without any Christmas décor. Boxes waited in the garage, and the women had inspired me with their creativity. I was ready to bring the holidays home, but someone else awaited me. Jeff had been away too, so we hadn’t see each other all week. He had a lot to share with me, but I had the urge to deck the halls! You know there are 3 actions to take to make our marriage merry in the holiday season, but there are 3 powerful words to sprinkle all around your relationship at Christmas time. Hang these 3 words as a wreath on your home, and it’s not too late for your marriage to be merry.

3 words for a merry marriage

I CHOOSE YOU. 3 words merry marriage

A marriage is miserable or merry based on one choice. Will we persist in our plans or show that our marriage matters more than the celebration memories of one month? Every wife faces opportunities to choose her priorities during the holidays. Your choices may arise in spending, guests to invite, food you prepare, gifts you order, or activities you desire.

Will you prefer your man or prefer your plan?

“Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God … emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant …” (Philippians 2: 5-7).

Jesus could’ve insisted on the glory of heaven instead of coming down among us in the dirtiest of conditions. He is our model. Instead, he said, “I choose you.”

There are just 10 days until Christmas. Are you counting the days? Is your husband counting the days in different ways? Why not show him he doesn’t have to spend the holidays on the Island of Misfit Toys? You can pick your man or pick your plan. Make your man and your marriage merry with these 3 words: “I choose you.”

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3 actions to make your marriage merry

3 actions to make your marriage merry this Christmas

Christmas merriment has the potential to make our men miserable. Hang these 3 actions as a wreath on your home, and your marriage can be merry. 3 actions to make your marriage merry  Let go of your list. You can be a decorating diva, or you can opt for peace. When a wife chisels her wish list in stone, she risks driving her man away. Insisting on a tree, lights, and gifts to satisfy our grownup dreams makes husbands feel disenfranchised. Nothing they can do is right. Nothing they contribute is enough. They’d rather be sent on a supply run to the North Pole! If a wife is demanding, she’s likely to find herself standing beneath the mistletoe … Read More...

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