A pathway of prayer for guidance

Lord, which way?  What do You want? How should I go? Which way is best? I’m crying out in prayer for guidance!

When was the last time you longed for flashing lights and arrows from the sky to point the way in your life? Maybe you faced a problem demanding a solution. Maybe a question plagued you for answers. Or maybe a need grew into a painful longing that required filling. When was the last time God brought you to your knees, or kept you on your knees, asking for divine guidance? Pathway of Prayer for Guidance

Jeff and I have done some wrestling in prayer this summer. The trouble with calling out for guidance is that we might not like the answer, might find the answer hard, or may discover the answer is painful. But it’s better than going our own way.  The wrong way. We would miss so much if we never prayed the bold prayer of asking for God to guide us, lead us, show us, steer us.

The prayer for guidance is a dangerous one. When was the last time you prayed it?

Maybe you’re in the middle of wrestling, hoping for flashing lights and arrows from the sky. Do you need guidance about a relationship? A job? A ministry? A college? A habit? A commitment? Do you crave a conclusion? An answer?

I’ve never seen the lights or arrows, but I’ve found a simple pathway of praying for God to guide me.

In today’s prayer focus, I want to share 5 Bible verses about guidance, along with a prayer prompter to help you use these powerful words of God Himself. Scripture is full of pleas for guidance, because men have needed direction ever since they were sent out of the garden to find their way. We’ve been groping around ever since. God’s word is a mighty weapon for praying with power. At the end, I invite you to download a printable version.

Pray for Understanding

  • “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)
  • Lord, help me to understand the real need to be met, the true question to answer, or the genuine problem to solve. I want to trust in You, instead of leaning on my limited perspective.

Pray for Counsel

  • “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” (Proverbs 11:14)
  • Father, would you direct me to reliable counselors who can help guide me to Your best for me? Provide wise people who fear You and will help me to sort through the information and options.

Pray for Examination

  • “Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!” (Psalm 139:23-24)
  • O Lord, I invite you to examine my heart. There’s nothing hidden from You, and I want You to evaluate my thoughts and show me if I harbor any wrong motives. Steer me in ways that please You.

Pray for Direction

  • “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)
  • Dear God, I’m moving forward with plans according to how I believe You’ve given me understanding, counsel, and conviction. If I’m moving in a wrong way, would You redirect me, and would You open doors to move me toward Your desires?

Pray for Perseverance

  • “Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you. Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure. Do not swerve to the right or to the left; turn your foot away from evil.” (Proverbs 4:25-27)
  • Lord God, I believe You’ve shown me what You desire and given me a clear path to follow. I know that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Help me fix my eyes on what You have laid out before me, keep my progress sure, and make me steadfast to resist distractions or discouragements. Give me strength to pursue what You have provided. I’m grateful You have provided guidance.

Your printable Pathway of Prayer for Guidance

Download your printable copy of A Pathway of Prayer for Guidance

By Julie Sanders

31 Scriptures to Pray over Yr Husband’s Technology

A lot of wives today wonder what to do about the influence of technology on their husbands and marriages. Conversations about video games, phone use, time online, and internet content have  joined traditional conflicts about finances, kids, and sexuality. Wives today want to recapture their man’s time and attention. Technology has become the new habit, excuse, and crutch to create a wedge in marital oneness. It’s the new tool the Enemy of marriage uses to separate the “one flesh” that “God has joined together.”

So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate. (Matthew 19:6)

Some women fear what enters their marriage through the internet gate. It’s fertile ground for nagging. Out of desperation, some women try to expose or control how their husbands use technology. Tears, arguments, and suspicion often result. Nagging never works.

  • Is it the amount of time he spends?
  • Is it his attention that you miss?
  • Is it the content of what he’s watching?
  • Is it the money he spends on tech?

Praying about our Husband’s Technology

Instead of taking on the task of our husband’s walk with God, what if we funneled our energy to pray over our husband’s technology? Instead of only using our words of frustration or personal offense, what if we used scripture about integrity, purity, and time to engage God’s power in the life of our beloved?

No one can pray for your husband like you can.

Today I want to share a practical tool with you. These 31 Scriptures to Pray over your Husband’s Technology provide God’s own words of His intentions for you and your husband, along with a prayer starter. Download and print out the 31 Scriptures and watch God work in your own heart and in your man.

God’s word is living and active and able to discern the thoughts and intentions of the heart (Hebrews 4:12), making it a powerful tool for praying about our marriages.

The next time you envision dropping your man’s iPhone in the blender, starting a winter fire with the video games, or ranting to your man over Twitter … STOP. Take your marriage back  through prayer!  Stop and use the very words of God to lay your man and your needs before the Lord.

31 Scriptures to PRAY over your Husband's Technology

Has technology become a wedge in your relationship?

By Julie Sanders

Tools for Back to School Prayer

For the last 7 days we’ve in a Prayer Challenge to complement the Lets Talk About Prayer ebook with my girlfriend Heather. Even though today is usually a Marriage Monday, it’s also the first day of school in my hometown.  Even people who home school or don’t even “do” school will be impacted by the bus routes and the changes in traffic patterns. For us, this year of school marks the last year I’ll send anyone off to school. Jacob starts his senior year today, and JoHanna is packing up to make her trek back to college on Friday. My thoughts can’t help but turn to school.

A Re-cap of the 7 Day Let’s Talk Prayer Challenge

This past week we talked about:pray for the teacher

Today my thoughts turn to praying about the start of a new school year. I really believe my prayers for our children have impacted their school journeys whether it’s been in home school, Christian school, co-op, tutoring, or traditional school (yes, we’ve done them all). As we continue this month about prayer, I want to share some timely prayer helps for you.

Tools for Back to School Prayer

Download your printable Praying for the teacher bookmarks to share. 


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By Julie Sanders