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    It's a new school year! We need encouraging, helpful resources to make it great. 15 Resources for a great school year.

How to PRAYER Walk for your school printable

If you could do one thing to impact school for your own family and even in your whole community, would you do it? Where does school fit in your life? Are you a teacher? Does your family home school? Is the start of school a thing of the past for you? Or do you have kids in mourning about the mornings?

In honor of my new hometown loading the buses, opening up the school zones, and packing lunches, I want to share a new free printable back-to-school tool. As a kid, my back-to-school rhythm started at the beginning of September or even after Labor Day. Moves to other states as a teacher and a mom meant that I shifted to an earlier start in August. Our new hometown in the Inland Northwest is just opening classroom doors this week!

No matter where school fits in our lives, we all have a traditional school in our community. Every woman of faith has the potential to impact people in her neighborhood through prayer. Regardless of age, career status, or nature of your family, you can become an advocate for the good of the people where you live. The children, parents, educators, and community support network around us need our faith work on their behalf.  Do you believe God listens? Do you believe prayer makes a difference? Do you believe people have needs? James 5:16 tells us that prayer has “great power as it is working,” (James 5:16). Prayer is the one thing you can do to impact school for your own family and your whole community.Prayer Walk for your school

The printable guide How to PRAYER WALK for your school will help you pray for people in your neighborhood.

  1. Print it and fold it
  2. Share it or use it alone
  3. Pray through it

The start to a new year of school brings the potential and promise of growth and learning. Lives will be changed this year. It’s too important to just “let it happen.”  We can do one thing for our own families and for our communities that is guaranteed to make a difference. We can pray.

Check out this list of 21 resources for Back to School

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